Build and Launch Your Coaching Program Curriculum The Easy Way
Are you...

... Procrastinating on creating a program or offering your services?
... Stuck in overwhelm on where to even start?
... Stuck in content creation mode?
... Lacking confidence in your offerings?

If you answered YES to any of these questions...
The Fitness + Nutrition Program Builder Toolkit is for YOU!
wellness program outline

Clients pay for education, a roadmap to reach their goals, and someone to ask questions and guide them along the way.

Use the toolkit to build out your fitness and nutrition 1:1 services or group program curriculum, then offer the personal support to go along with it.

Valued at $1500
Yours today for $397

Hi, I’m Sarah! 

I am a mom, entrepreneur, fitness trainer, avid coffee drinker, idea person, and philanthropist. 

I have been running this program with clients and offering it to other wellness professionals for over three years. This could be a stand-alone signature program, a group coaching program, in combination with another program, as part of a membership site, or with 1:1 clients.

My hope is that it saves you time creating a fitness and/or nutrition program from scratch and allows you to offer something truly amazing for your clients. I have included some behavior change and mindset talking points for you to dive into and use in your own videos and program. This is POWERFUL stuff. All of the content is well-researched, professionally designed, and nicely laid out for you.

Here Is Exactly What You Get TODAY For Only


nutrition program worksheets

12-Module Program Outline

The outline breaks a program down into 12 modules, or weeks, and includes topics, action items, and corresponding worksheets.
home workout program DFY

12-Module Curriculum 
+ Video Talking Points

Includes talking points and longer-form text for written content for each module of the outline - as well as some sample videos. The talking points are based on the educational curriculum which includes sustainable nutrition, mindset, and fitness content. This is meant to help you create videos in your own program.
fitness and nutrition program

Client Calorie Calculator

Following the Mifflin-St Jeor equation, the coach or client will input the client's height, weight, and age and the spreadsheet will calculate a recommended daily caloric intake depending on goals (gain or lose weight).
nutrition program worksheets

10+ Program Worksheets in Canva 

Use these for worksheet content and design ideas. If you follow the 12-week outline, these worksheets will go along with the module topics.
home workout program DFY

12-Week Home Workout Program... With Fitness Test + Progress Tables 

The home workout program is basic (5 exercises per workout) and can be done with no equipment. Included in the Google Drive folder is the workout, a fitness test and progression tables to track where clients start and where they finish, and a promotional graphic.
fitness and nutrition program

How To Use Quizzes As Lead Magnets + 2 DFY Quizzes

Quizzes are a fun way to engage your audience and generate leads. Included are two sample quizzes built in Google Forms that you can use and make your own. You also get get a simple script to invite people to fill out the quiz AND follow up with them.
nutrition program worksheets

Client Onboarding Checklist

Use this checklist to plan what your client needs to know when they join your program so they can get the most out of it and be successful. Edit it to fit your onboarding process, then send out to each client so they have all of their program details and first steps in one handy place.
fitness business templates

3-Month Launch Blueprint

Start planning your next launch with this blueprint that gives you ideas and action items for three, two, and one month out.
fitness business

DIY Sales and Marketing Email Templates

Email marketing templates and topic ideas to turn your email subscribers into clients.
done-for-you nutrition templates
done-for-you nutrition templates

Promotional Mockup Templates in Canva

Use these mockup templates on your landing pages, social media, and any other promotional materials.
fitness business

How To Split Test Lead Magnets + DFY Workout + Recipes

The goal of split testing fitness and nutrition (or anything really) is to see which your audience is interested in most and open the door to conversations. Included are two simple options (7 Quick + Efficient Home Workouts and 7 Quick + Simple Healthy “Mini-Meals). You may fully edit and customize the recipes and workouts or use them as is. You get access to the workouts, recipes, and split testing notes in Google Drive, as well as access to edit the recipe cards in Canva.
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25 Sweet + Healthy Recipe Cards in Canva

This recipe pack would make a great "bonus" to your program or services. Or you may pull individual recipe cards out of Canva to share with your audience.
Launch Your Program or 1:1 Coaching Services and WOW Your Clients - The Easy Way
You Can Do It All Yourself. Or You Can Save Time and Use Tried-and-True Templates To Create a Curriculum That Gets Your Clients Results.
Build Your Program Curriculum
Follow our outline - or create your own. Read through the talking points. Record your own videos. Use the workouts, worksheets, and calorie calculator to add value.
Plan Your Launch + Make Your Offer
Plan your launch in advance to best use your time and energy. Use the DFY quizzes and lead magnets to collect leads. Market your program or services with professional graphics and emotional sales emails.
Wow Your Clients + Deliver Results
Make your client's experience amazing by creating an onboarding process so they can get the most out of your program and be successful.


Stop perfecting a program and start making offers!

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